We are trying to help the average busy adult that missed work for an illness and is ready to return to work. If you are ready to return, why should a doctor’s note be required? Its not clear why this practice has become the standard in America, but it sure is a common issue. After I worked for years in the ER at the same location, I got to know my patients and after we knew we could trust each other, they started to share the truth more and more. They started telling me more and more often, that the only reason they were being seen, was to get a ‘return to work’ note.

Well, that just seemed strange to have to wait in the waiting room and pay all this money just to go back to work. But the school kids also come in with their parents with the same issue. We are trying to ease this burden. We advocate for a fast, cost-effective solution to the school/work excuse requirement.

Your note will have our company name and phone number printed on the bottom which can be called any time and a message can be left. If an employer leaves a message requesting a return call, we will call them back but our customer’s privacy will be protected. You can call it yourself and see how it works.

All notes will be signed by one of our staff M.D.'s and then sent to your email for easy printing.

Frequently Asked Questions::
1. Is this a real website or a scam? It is a very real website and all info provided here is completely true.
2. What about the quality of the note? The note is high quality and when it is printed in color it gives it a more ‘official’ appearance. But black and white is acceptable as well.
3. What if my boss calls the phone number? The phone number is listed on the bottom of the note and if anyone calls and leaves a message, the call will be returned. Your privacy will be protected.
4. What about the city on the note? The city can be removed if desired.
5. What information do you require? We need the name of the person that needs the note, the date to return to work/school, and the email address to send the note.
6. How long does it take? Typically it takes less than one hour but might take 2 hours if it is a busy time of day.
7. Other questions? Please email questions to and we will reply today.

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